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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The second try...

As you easily can see, I have neglected this blog for some long time. Now I am willing to give it a second try. I wasn't away from the bourse and from the blog writing either, but I couldn't find enough time to maintain two blogs. You can see on my German site, I am still writing regularly and observing the stock exchanges and the financial markets closely.

So let try it for the first (or for the second) with this funny and ironic observation, I read about in Blogginwallstreet (one of the best investing blogs I've found):

All the world is talking about commodities as a hedge against inflation. The speculators (hedgers) buy massively all futures and derivatives and this way force the spot prices (especially of oil) to go up. Then - if we believe Blogginwallstreet - the oil producers themselves do not hedge the high prices via selling futures. But isn't it ironic - they want to hedge against inflation by pushing up the prices of the only thing where currently inflation dangers come from...

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